According to IMA report published in Hindustan Times, until September 2020 – 2,238 doctors were infected and 382 lost their lives while treating COVID-19 patients in India.

Our new film #YehPuccaHai – THANK YOU DOCTORS – explores the power of hard work, sacrifices and determination of doctors for the selfless service to humanity. JK Super Cement salutes all those doctors whose selfless effort helps build safe nation.

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    Happy Diwali! Respected Doctors

    Our THANK YOU DOCTORS social message film #YehPuccaHai is JK Super Cement’s tribute to frontline corona warriors, doctors who sacrificed their lives while saving patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and those who ceaselessly continue to.

    The diligence and ceaseless efforts on the part of medical practitioners across the globe, during the pandemic, is unrequitable.
    Acknowledging this selflessness of doctors and taking forward the core values of JK Super Cement inculcated by Late Shri Yadupati Singhania Ji – Corporate responsibility towards the nation and employees, courage, determination and building a strong, safe nation, JK Super Cement’s new ad film #YehPuccaHai is an expression of gratitude towards all medical heroes who contribute towards a healthy and safe environment.

    “Himmat baandhe khada ek Farishta
    jo aansu kisi ke bhi aane na de”

    Expressed as a representation of that belief, the social message film is built on JK Super Cement’s efforts towards strength and sense of responsibility that is undeterred, a sense of community conceived out of sacrifice and respect for sacrifice, and a community built on oneness and good practices.

    The depiction of the mother’s resolute constant perseverance towards her responsibilities as a doctor, sacrificing at times her responsibility as a mother, and the disappointment of being unable to celebrate Diwali with her daughter, provides for emotional value, manifesting the underlying vision that JK Super Cement thrives on. Buildings are no different- the strength of cement that holds it is what accounts for its credibility.

    “Yeh pucca hai.. Iraado ka jhola yeh pucca hai….”

    Yeh Pucca Hai | JK Super Cement salutes Indian laborers | Iraado ka Jhola.

    Har sapne ko poora karne ki taakat, har rishte ko surakshit rakhne ka Iraada. Iraado ka Jhola – Yeh Pucca Hai.

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    The strength behind the wall is never visible.

    They promise us our safety, they entitle us our freedom, they ensure our peaceful sleep, they stand under the hottest sun and against the coldest winds. The Heroes.

    Strength is beyond gender.

    ‘Raksha’ is about who your strongest shield is, age and gender no bar. This Rakshabandhan, cheer them on as they are the proof that strength flows beyond gender.

    Real strength is in the intent.

    We win our battles in our minds first. It is because strength doesn’t lie in the action but in the intent. And now it’s time to prepare ourselves to give back the care that nature deserves.

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